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If you are not satisfied with your current instructor, we will match you with another one with no hassle, so be confident to learn your way.

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We match you with a verified and accredited local instructor in less than 48 hours, that's our guarantee!

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Each learner and driver is different. Our students will receive a customised learning plan based on their experience.

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Unused hours are refunded

If you got your driver's licence by using less hours. Any remaining hours you have will be refunded to you at no cost.

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Why Driverli?

Top-up by hour

Unsure about how many hours you need? Select and Purchase a package at our discount rates today and top up later using the same hourly rate!

Local Instructors

Learn to drive and prepare your driving test with someone who knows the local roads and the test centre you've booked.

Verified Instructors

Our instructors are screened, verified through our rigorous process. We checked their accreditations including their working with children check.

Swap your Instructor

Not feeling comfortable with your instructor?We'll swap him/ her no questions asked. Learning in confidence!

Progress tracker

After each lesson, receive an online structured feedback from your instructor and you can track your progress, at any time.

Learn in your own language

Our local instructors can prepare you for the driving test in your native language. Accelerate your learning and get your Aussie license quicker.

Common questions

Driverli is the number #1 driving instructor marketplace in Australia. 

We have the largest network of approved and verified driving instructors. This means that we have virtually an instructor matching every new drivers requirement in Australia.

When we match you with our instructor, we are taking into account the following information:

  • Your location
  • Your availability
  • Your personal requirements
    • Male / Female
    • Auto / Manual
    • Language
  • Your personal  situation
    • New driver / beginner
    • International driver
    • Stressed / Anxious Driver
    • etc…

Definitely! When you purchase your package, you will be prompted to enter your native language and whether you want your instructor to speak the same language.

Driverli has a very large network of local and top-rated instructors able to teach you the Aussie rules in your very own language so you get your Aussie driving license the first attempt.

We match you with a local instructor, so you will get picked up and dropped off at your home. For sure, you can organise alternative locations such as school, uni or work as long as they are within the instructor area.

We take card payments directly for all lesson bookings, so you don’t have to worry about payments to your instructor or bringing cash to lessons

To begin with, you’ll choose your lesson package, anywhere from 1 to 20 hours of lessons. We’ll only bill you after you’ve been matched with an instructor and scheduled your first lesson. If you use all  the hours in your initial purchase, you will be able to top-up the hours at the same hourly rate.

Once you’ve chosen the best driving lesson package, you will provide us with some additional information such as whether you want a female instructor, if you are anxious driver or need someone speaking your native language.

We then match you with a top-rated instructor we think will fit best your level of experience and your requirements.

If there isn’t a good fit between you and your instructor after the first lesson, you’re protected by a 100% perfect match guarantee. That means that if you’re not happy after your first driving lesson, we’ll give you a free rematch or refund you in full.

Driverli learners are more likely to pass their driving test first time. This is because of our unique combination of trusted local instructors and structured feedback after each lesson that help you progress during your learn to drive experience.

Unlike many driving schools, we only work with fully qualified driving instructors who are rated a minimum of 4 out of 5 by learners – so you know you’ll be learning from the best! We’re sure that you’ll love your instructor as much as we do. But if you don’t, you’re protected by a 100% perfect match guarantee. That means that if you’re not happy after your first driving lesson, we’ll give you a free rematch.

Driverli offers the best environment for everyone to become a safe driver in Australia, This includes a very straight forward way to make business and support you, our customer. 

That’s why we offer 2 important guarantees.

  1. Satisfaction: While we do our best to match you with the best instructor, sometimes things don’t work out!. Don’t worry this is fine and you are covered. We will match you with another driving instructor no questions asked.
  2. Unused driving lessons hours: If you end up gettting your driver licence in less time than expected, congratulations! It means that not only your learnt quickly but that your driver instructor did a really great job at teaching you how to drive. But what if you haven’t used all your hours? Stay reassured. Driverli will refund you the unused hours so you can put that money toward a car, or your insurance, who knows!!

Driverli is an online platform facilitating the connection between your kids and a valid and accredited driving instructor.

All our instructors are fully accredited by the relevant state-based authority.

We differ from  traditional driving schools by the fact that :

  • we operate online and have a large network of driving instructors covering key main cities in Australia.
  • our instructors differ from each other when it comes to cultural background, additional language spoken, location and suburbs covered, gender, etc… This means that we always have an instructor matching your requirement.
  • we provide guarantees that others don’t such as overall satisfaction with the services provided and the refund of unused hours. 
  • we only work with the best instructors because our focus is about road safety. Getting a driver licence is not a race but is about providing new drivers with the best knowledge ad experience base for them to grow and become a safe driver.

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