The Roads and Maritime Service views a full driving license, NSW style as a contract between the owner and the rest of society. They manage the contract on behalf of the people with the help of the NSW police.

Between them, they have a battery of rules and sanctions if you don’t drive within the law. They can restrict you, impose fines / demerit points, and cancel your licence if they have determined you are misbehaving. Therefore it’s important to drive carefully, obey the rules of the road and keep your licence.

Here’s a handy link to the RMS with their different classes of driving licenses in New South Wales.

The Complex System Controlling the Different License Types

New South Wales has a patchwork of rules governing driving licenses of various kinds. Drivers may have to visit half a dozen pages before they get the full picture of a particular type.

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This particular page contains a wealth of information, but we laid it out clearly so it is easy to follow. If you want to obtain a full driving license in New South Wales you fall in one of these five categories. To save time you can skip the rest, Driverli wants to SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE!

Which Scenario Are You? Do You Need a Driving License Test?

Scenario #1: You completed the Learner / Provisional 1 / Provisional 2 Process and Qualify.

Scenario #2: You are from Overseas and need to convert your license.

Scenario #3: You are from another Australian state and moving to NSW.

Scenario #4: You are a mature driver and just need to renew your license.

Scenario #5: You are a senior and require a NSW driving license renewal.

Scroll down and discover what has to be done.

Scenario #1: You completed the Learner / Provisional 1 / Provisional 2 process and qualify

If you have held your P2 license for 24 months (and worked off any suspensions) then getting a driving license NSW should be dead simple:

  • Visit a Roads and Maritime Service office or service center.
  • Prove your identity, pass an eye test and pay the fee.
  • Have your photo taken, get your license and celebrate!

Can it be that easy? Unfortunately this is not always the case. If your P2 is older than 20 November 2017 you have to pass the Driver Qualification Test. Help is at hand at Driverli if you need a refresher course.

Now if you are just at the start of your journey of learning to drive, we recommend you starting with the following posts:

Scenario #2: You are from Overseas and want to convert your License

If you are from overseas the rules are trickier.

Scenario # 3: You are from another Australian state and moving to NSW

If you are from another state or overseas you have to have a NSW driving license after using your current one for a maximum three months. You can apply to convert one from another state without doing a driving license test because the rules are similar.

The Roads and Maritime Service will match the old expiry date for a period of up to 10 years if you are between 21 and 44. If your old license expired less than five years ago you can still do the conversion.

Scenario # 4: You are a mature driver and just need to renew your license

You can renew an unrestricted license 6 months before the expiry date for 1, 2 or 5 years. You may need to have your eyesight retested, undergo a medical examination, or take a test depending on your licence class.

You could do your NSW driving license renewal online if you are between 21 and 45, and have passed an eyesight test less than 5 and a half years before the new expiry date. However, your licence may not have any restrictions and you may not have failed a test for a known medical condition or skipped one.

Scenario # 5: You are a Senior and just need to renew your License

Life gets a little tougher as we age, and that includes driving on New South Wales’ increasingly congested roads.

  • If you are aged between 70 and 74, there are no restrictions unless you hold a multi-combination licence.
  • If you do have a multi-combination licence then you need to pass a practical driving test every year after you turn 70.
  • If you are between 75 and 79 you also need to have a medical review every year regardless of the class.
  • If you are between 80 and 84 with a car or rider unrestricted licence, you must have an annual medical review but you don’t need a driving assessment.
  • After you become 85 years old you need to continue having a medical review every year.
  • If you want to retain your unrestricted license status you will also have to successfully pass a practical driving assessment.
  • However, you could avoid the assessment by converting to a modified licence after accepting conditions depending on your personal circumstances.

Wow That Was Quite a Mouthful. Fortunately, Driverli Is Available to Assist

Life can become complicated when we have to prove our driving ability again. We can become nervous and make mistakes we wouldn’t dream of doing normally.

Refresher training with a registered instructor can greatly improve your chances of obtaining the sought after driving license.

Do you need to do a senior driving assessment? Or refresh your memory about the driving code? Help is at hand at Driverli.

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