How do I get my learner license?

Learner permit

Everybody has a right to drive on Australian roads, provided they stick to the rules that make them safer for everyone. The logical starting point is passing the learners’ practice test or Driver Knowledge Test to get your Learner License. After that, you may legally drive a car in New South Wales with a supervising driver. However, in the beginning you need someone with a full licence sitting beside you to advise.

The 5 Key Steps to Get Your Learner Licence


1. Celebrate your 16th birthday

Congratulations! You are now eligible for a C class licence, your first step towards getting your Full Licence, you can check the whole process here.

2. Be able to prove your identity

You must be able to show 100 points of identification, it must come from 1 of 2 lists, which you can find out more information, here at the NSW Road and Maritime website.


3. Take and pass the eyesight test.

This is generally booked with your DKT, before to ensure you do not have any vision-impairment requiring glasses.




4. Pass the learner license test called driver knowledge test or DKT*. 

*The DKT may also come under a different name in Victoria as the Road Law Knowledge test, although containing the same content.


5. Pay the licence and test fee*

*You may be eligible for a concession or discount depending on your circumstances. After you pass the learner test NSW sets, you pay the fee, they take your photo and hand you your licence card and logbook. That’s unless you want them posted in which case they give you a temporary card. Consult your State’s road and Maritime service for more information. You may also get a general idea of the total cost from beginning to end in our blog post.


What should I do if i am from Overseas?

You can find out more using our free Overseas Licence Checker.

Please note that several states contain different laws, especially with the implementation of new regulations, if you are in Victoria there are specific ways to translate your new licence and we have provided an FAQ on the change of licencing scheme for international drivers in Victoria.

Register for Official Free Keys 2 Drive Training with Your Parents

As a young driver you are eligible for a free driving lesson with an accredited instructor. The Keys 2 Drive program offers one 60-min free driving lesson for the young driver and their supervising drivers to learn the skills that will make them a safer driver on Australian roads. Find more information about to benefit from this free lesson on Driverli.


Passing the Learners License and getting your license Allows You to Drive with a SUPERVISING DRIVER, BUT …

  • You have to obey special rules like only driving cars, displaying an L Plate and never going faster than 90 km/h.
  • You must log at least 120 hours supervised driving lessons, of which 20 must be night driving.
  • You can take the free Safer Drivers Course and earn 20 daylight driving hours in return.
  • You could also enrol for structured lessons with a licensed driving school and earn a second bonus.
You can find the full process on How to get (and keep) your full unrestricted licence for NSW on our blog,

Get a 20 Hour Bonus with the Free Safer Drivers Course

If you get all that right after passing your learner’s license test – and pass a second test – you could get your provisional P1 License and be able to drive on your own. Find out more in this special article on Driverli.

New South Wales Rules for Supervised Lessons on a Learner License

You can ask a parent, relative or friend to give you additional advice even if you decide to use a licensed NSW driving instructor. In fact, someone you know well could supervise your full 120 hours, although you probably won’t learn as much in this way. Requirements for your supervisor include:

  • Holding a current full license for 2 years.
  • Knowing the road rules.
  • Be a competent driver and an effective teacher.
  • Must countersign the log book.

A supervisor may not be under the influence of drugs during lessons, or be over the blood alcohol limit of 0.05 during training. You can read about our full list on the rules and demerits for Learner, P1 and P2 Drivers in NSW in our blog post if you are unsure about the specific restrictions of L plates in NSW.

How Your Supervisor Should Prepare for the Task

It’s extremely important to choose a supervisor with the right dedication and skills. That way, you stand to get the most benefit from your exercises and know how to drive safely when you are on your own. Ask them to do this simple self-test. Then ask them to assure you they know how to do the job. Your goal is to complete the learners practice test phase as soon as possible.

  • Have they read the latest road users handbook?
  • Do they obey traffic lights, signs and road markings?
  • Do they leave enough space behind the vehicle in front?
  • Do they look ahead for blind spots and vision blockouts?
  • Do they drive at a responsible speed and respond to hazards?
  • Are they courteous and patient with other drivers?
  • Do they understand how the log book system works?

Your supervisor is your role model. You want to practice the best driving habits you learned in theory, to pass the learners test NSW requires.

Choose a Logbook Here to Track Your Hours


You will have the choice to either record your hours manually on the paper logbook provided by RMS or use on the available mobile app. You can read more in-depth about your options in our blog post, here.

11 Important Things Every Learner Driver Supervisor Should Know

  1. Don’t start or continue a practice session if you or the learner driver are tired, unwell or overstressed. Reschedule instead
  2. Begin with regular, short sessions. Build out gradually to full hours. Be gentle and relax
  3. Start the practice sessions on quiet streets in daylight before moving to more challenging conditions
  4. Let the learner driver log book guide you on focus points for each session. It contains valuable info
  5. Start with the simpler learning tasks to grow confidence and trust. Do the most difficult things last
  6. Allow the learner to proceed at their own pace. Never force them to do things for which they are not ready
  7. Demonstrate how to do new tasks before asking the learner to try them. That way they watch and learn
  8. Comment as they drive to increase their awareness of conditions inside and outside the vehicle
  9. Avoid criticizing unnecessarily. Explain errors in a positive way. Give praise when you can
  10. Explain how speed affects outcome because a higher speed leaves less time to react
  11. Turn off your phone or car radio during practice sessions. Your learner deserves all your attention.

It is far easier to learn good habits than to forget bad ones. If you feel you need advice on how to find a skilled trainer near you Driverli is here to assist.

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If you are unsure about what happens next, now that you have your learner license it is time to get in a car and start driving with your supervising driver. You can find what to expect from your first driving lesson, if you want to get some lessons because you have never driven before, or want to brush up some skills before presenting the driving test, head out to Driverli to find a registered Driving school and instructor below. 

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