How do I get (and keep) my Provisional license P2 in NSW

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Your P2 Licence is the last step of the licence process before you can get an unrestricted licence. In NSW, a P2 license can only be obtained if you have completed the requirements of your P1 licence: holding for at least 12 months, completed any additional requirements, and passed the hazard perception test, as well as visiting a Roads and Maritime Service Office, to identify yourself and pay the license and test fees. This process is simple if you attended a driving school and learned the ins and outs of how the system works. 

However, before November 2017, you had to pass the P2 license driving test before they took your photo and issued a P2 driving card. This test has since been removed as there is now no need to pass a P2 test in NSW, as decided by the government. If you are still not sure about the process or cost, refer to Driverli’s article on the cost of getting your driver license in NSW here

The Road Ahead Towards Your Full Licence

Your P2 license is valid for 36 months, renewable with a fee. However, you could upgrade to a full license after 24 months provided you followed all the rules and did not get any demerits. This process is generally received through explanation by an instructor while attending a driving school.

There is no need to pass a P2 test in NSW before you convert across to a full license. If you are just beginning the process, visit Driverli to learn how to get your learner license in NSW.

If you don’t understand, or don’t follow the rules the Roads and Maritime Service Office can suspend your P2 license for 6 months. Each separate suspension increases the 24-month waiting period by an additional 6 months. Make sure to avoid this, as it is not something you want to happen and it will set you back with a lengthier process if you did not develop safe driving skills.

Finding a Suitable Vehicle for Your 24-Month P2 Phase

Perhaps it’s time to take a leap of faith, and purchase your first car as your full license is now in sight. 

You may need your parents’ support when arranging finances as it includes all the costs of owning a car such as the Pink Slip, Green slip and Vehicle insurance. It may also make sense to stay insured with them, until you are a little older and have a clean driving record. You certainly don’t want to damage your first wheels and have an insurance claim when another driver has a careless oversight.

If you don’t feel confident on the road, don’t worry, just ask one of your family members to be with you while you drive a bit. It will reassure you while you are clocking some kilometers behind the wheel as the more you drive, the more confident you will become. If you think you are missing some technique on maneuvers or that you never drive in high traffic areas, consider booking a one-to-two hour of driving lesson with a professional instructor. Jump on Driverli to search a school or instructor offering some refresher course. 

Get A Refresher Lesson To Become A Confident Driver

At Driverli, we've helped hundreds of young drivers acquire the critical skills and experience to become Safe Drivers.

You may not drive a restricted vehicle during this phase of your driver training. The criteria are as follows:

  • A vehicle with a PMR over 130 kilowatts-per-tonne.
  • A vehicle that has had a significant modification.
  • One on the R and M list of high performance vehicles.

You may apply for an exemption with the RMS, but you will otherwise need a compelling reason.

How to Avoid P2 License Suspensions and Time Penalties

Stick carefully to these rules at all times after you get your P2 license in NSW.

  • Display your P Plates at the front and back of the car when driving.
  • Drive within the legal limit and never faster than 100 km / hour.
  • Don’t be under influence of drugs or have alcohol in your system.
  • Don’t supervise a learner driver, even if they are under driving school training.
  • Check that you and your passengers are buckled up before driving off.
  • Avoid temptation by turning off your mobile phone before driving on a P2.

It’s extremely important to follow these rules even though there is no need to pass a P2 test in NSW. These restrictions apply in other Australian states and Overseas as well.

But That Is Not All, You Could Get Demerit Points Too.

Demerits, Suspensions, Restrictions and Offences

Demerits, Suspensions, and Restrictions

Although there is no need to pass a P2 test in NSW anymore, this does not mean you are off the hook. You could earn demerit points as well as P2 license penalties. You should consider a refresher course from a registered driving school before your seven demerits convert to a suspension.

Speeding Offences and Penalties

After you get your P2 license in NSW, you could rack up 4 demerit points for every speeding offence. This includes facing a suspension or even losing your P2 license completely if you drive 30 km/h over the speed limit.

Restrictions on Carrying Passengers

You may not carry more than one passenger for a period of twelve months after a disqualification times out. You may apply for an exemption from this at a registry or service center. However, you will need especially convincing reasons and there will still be restrictions in place.

See our post on the Rules and Demerits for Learner, P1 and P2 drivers in NSW for more information.

Do You Need More Help As You Progress Towards Your Full License?

A full two years can seem like ages to put up with the restrictions we mentioned. Having to wait even longer because of demerits/suspensions can make you feel like you want to give up. Get a refresher lesson at a driving school if you haven’t driven for some time.

Get A Refresher Lesson To Become A Safe Driver

At Driverli, we've helped hundreds of young drivers acquire the critical skills and experience to become Safe Drivers.

The Road Ahead Towards Your Precious Full NSW Driving License

It’s quite a thrill, and an achievement to graduate with a full driving license. Driverli promises to be by your side with helpful tips throughout the process Here’s a handy link to an article about your next steps in detail.

If you follow our advice you could be taking steps to qualify in two short years. We can hardly wait to share the excitement!