How To Track Your 120hrs Of Supervised Driving In NSW?

The Roads, Maritime and Services (RMS) requires a learner driver to have the equivalent of 120 hours supervised training before becoming eligible to attempt the driving test. These sessions must be recorded in an official log book, a learner driver keeps for the purpose.

Unfortunately, some learners tried to crook the system resulting in the government introducing control on the system. It would be a total disaster if you did your 120 hours, and could not qualify because of a technicality, continue reading to learn how to avoid this happening to you.

The Value of Supervised Driver Training

Research shows that supervised learner drivers have far fewer road accidents than unsupervised ones.  This is especially so when they sign up with a driving school approved by the NSW government.

However, their crash rate increases suddenly after they get their permanent licence and start driving solo. The 120-hour plan hopes to reduce this through a lengthy program of supervised driving lessons, including at least 20 hours of night driving.

RMS only accepts two ways to prove your learner driving experience. These two recording methods are

  • A paper log book they give you when they award your learner license.
  • One of the three RMS-approved digital phone apps.

Exemptions to the Log Book Requirement

A driving instructor is unable to exempt you. However, you may be able to bypass the requirement if:

  • You are aged 25 years or older.
  • You have previously held a NSW or interstate full license.
  • You have previously held a full overseas license.
  • You currently hold an overseas license.
  • RMS exempted you, due to external circumstances.

However, Driverli recommends you still keep a log book for your own purposes so that you can easily track your progress, and tick off your hours as you earn them. 

In the progression of licence classes, your P2 Licence is the last step of the licence process before you can get an unrestricted licence with more information in our blog post, here. If you have come from overseas, consider using our Overseas Licence Converter to see the necessary steps in the process.

In NSW, a P2 license can only be obtained if you have completed the requirements with your P1 licence: holding for at least 12 months, completed any additional requirements, passing the hazard perception test, as well as including a visit to the Roads and Maritime Service Office to identify yourself and pay the license and test fees.  If you are not sure how much you should be paying, Driverli has an article on the cost of getting your driver license in NSW. This process would be familiar if you have attended a driving school in the past, learning the ins and outs of how the system works.

How to Reduce the 120 Hours to 100 Legally

The Roads and Maritime Service believes one hour at a driving school is worth three using private supervision by an adult driver. This is because they believe taking driving lessons with a licenced driving instructor gives you far better training.

However, you may only convert up to 10 day-driving hours this way. Therefore, you still need to complete at least 100 hours to qualify to apply for a full licence. Additional courses like the Safer Driver Course, count for 20 hours in your logbook, although you are only be eligible after 50 hours of previous driving. The Keys2Drive program may also interest you, offering a free 1-hour driving lesson which assists in building confident and safe drivers. 

Please note, that you are under no obligation to use a driving school and this is your free choice, however, may fast track your process.

All You Need to Know About the Paper Log Book

The NSW Roads and Maritime Service paper logbook is a proven system and is actually quite simple to use. After you write your name in it, the instructions are easy to follow. Three things to remember:

  • You and your Instructor / Supervisor must both sign off each session.
  • Keep the book in a safe place, take good care of it, and try not to lose it.
  • If you do, you need a visit to a registry or service center, including a payment of a $17 fee. Refer to how much it costs to get your driving license in NSW post to get an overview of all the costs involved.

On the positive side, a paper logbook’s battery never goes flat, and a virus can’t corrupt it.

How the Three Official Phone Apps Work

Before we start, here’s a word of warning. 

You may not use a phone for any purpose while driving in New South Wales. So start the app and leave it in the glove box before starting your engine and driving away, or turn off your engine before touching your phone to avoid fines. The app will record events in the background while you concentrate on learning.

The following three optional apps replace the paper log book. Just enter your name and the supervising driver / driving school and they will do the rest as long as you remember to turn them on. Choose your app carefully as all recorded data is not shard between apps, meaning you cannot move the data to another one later.

Please note these are the only apps the NSW government endorses, this is a summary. Follow the links for more info.

L2P is more than just a recording device

Its intuitive user interface lets your supervisor watch real-time tracking, including an educational module with video clips for demos, and online progress feedback.

Licence Ready starts when you enter your odometer reading

Licence Ready works on Android and iOS, including tablets with sim cards. It records the drive in detail, with the bonus that your supervisor and driving instructor would have viewing access to further plan and review your training.

Roundtrip captures all the details

Roundtrip tracks your time, start and end location, weather and more, so you focus on learning to drive. It also helps you unlock goals and see your actual progress.

What Happens Next After You Complete Your Driving Hours

You submit your logbook and driving experience, with a declaration of 12 business days before you are eligible to take the driving test. If you have an electronic one you do this online, otherwise, you must attend the testing station in person, and hand over the paper one within the same deadline.

Wrapping Up So You Are Good to Go with This

Only an accredited driving school can help you earn those 1-to-3 three hours that save you precious time and qualify you sooner. Have you had a first lesson yet? Nervous about what comes nextPerhaps you just got your learner license, but can’t decide if you want to use a driving school? 

We are here to help. Check out our article on how to compare driving schools. Then head over to to search one near where you live.

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