What is Keys 2 Drive?

Keys 2 Drive is a free driving lesson at an accredited driving school, where you come with your parents and learn about road safety. This includes the tools your parents will need when they supervise you on the road, helping you to become a safe and experienced driver.

In more detail, Keys 2 Drive is an Australian government program. It is not a replacement of normal driving lessons, but designed as a compliment to assist you in becoming a safer driver through self-learning.

In a way, it wants to encourage learner drivers to use a registered driving school, because it believes these turn out better drivers. However, because the program knows it cannot force you to pay for driving lessons, it is designed to give learner drivers a free driving lesson. This is so the learner driver can experience how good driving schools really are and to consider getting a professional instructor.

We’ll explain why this makes sense in this article. Then we’ll tell you how to find a Keys 2 Drive accredited driving instructor near you. But first, let’s dig a little deeper into the science behind the government’s program. We want you to understand how this works.

We don’t want you to become another young driver casualty in an accident that YOU might have avoided, if you knew how to drive correctly.

Why YOU should consider what Keys 2 Drive has to offer

The main benefit of Keys 2 Drive is that this free driving lesson helps you (and your supervisor) gain confidence in preparing for the P-plate driving test and to become a safe driver on the road.

Indeed, a 10 years review of the Keys 2 Drive program was commissioned and it demonstrated that taking driving lesson with an experienced driving instructor adds real value and experience. A supervising, licensed driver could also benefit greatly by observing the driving instructor providing the training.


Well, under this review, it has been well established that we have in Australia a “Young Driver Problem”.

When comparing Australia’s road accident statistics with other countries, the feedback is pretty clear:

The over representation of novice drivers in road trauma has been described as one of road safety’s most stubborn problems. It remains a persistent and costly issue for society. It has a tragic cost in human life with more than 350,000 young people around the world dying each year. This costs global economies many billions of dollars.”

Let’s not talk about the ‘problem young driver’, it concluded. 

Let’s talk instead about the ‘young driver problem’. That’s because road accidents are still the highest or second-highest cause of death among young people in 12 of the 19 countries the government surveyed. In Australia, it’s actually the highest cause. Additionally, the Keys 2 Drive 10-year feedback identified the following factors as a cause to this Young Driver Program.

  • Inexperience is a major contributing factor to the novice crash rate.
  • Young drivers have a greater inclination to take risks due to lack of experience.

Moreover, it concluded “age-related and lifestyle factors, peer pressure, and overconfidence in driving abilities” all play a role too.

Should my Parent / Supervisor come with me?

It is compulsory you come with your parent/supervising driver to your Keys 2 Drive free driving lesson. This is as they will be part of your learner journey and even beyond when you got your Ps.

Keys 2 Drive aims to coach your supervising driver and provide her or him with new methods to guide you through this exciting learning journey.

At the end of your free Keys 2 Drive driving lessons, both you and your supervising driver will be ready to progress toward your driving test and beyond.

More information about the Keys 2 Drive free lesson

The Keys 2 Drive program pays for one free lesson for a young Australian learner driver. Therefore, these free driving lessons are unfortunately not available to overseas license holders.

A Keys 2 Drive accredited professional driving instructor meets the young Australian leaner and their parent / supervisor at the driving school. Their aim is to help the learner become a safer P-Plate driver by changing the way they learn.

The purpose of the free driving lesson is to share how to learn new driving skills in practical ways. That way, learners are more likely to absorb them as good habits as many new drivers believe they are better drivers than they actually are. A Keys 2 Drive lesson helps them see themselves in a more realistic light.

This free lesson at a registered driving school normally takes one hour. The learner driver gets the best advice, while their parent / supervisor gains confidence they really can make a difference.

How to Register for One of Those Free Driving Lessons

First Check Whether You Are Eligible

  • You must already have a NSW learner driver licence and be 16 years or older.
  • The driver supervising you must have a full, current Australian driving licence.

Other Things to Remember

  • Keys 2 Drive lessons don’t replace normal ones, they complement them.
  • Ideally take your free training after 5 to 6 hours driving, or do it later.
  • Remember to provide at least 24 hours’ notice if you have to reschedule.

It’s actually quite easy to register for one of those driving lessons. Go to Keys 2 Drive website, and register online. Simply enter your details, click on the “Register” button and you’ll get a text message with your free lesson code (an 8 digit free lesson ID number). Then, shoot across to Driverli to find a driving school with Keys 2 Drive accredited instructors, and book your free driving lesson.

More Things to Consider Before You Book Your Free Lesson

You’ll benefit most from driving lessons when you arrive relaxed and get on well with the driving instructor right away. Are they friendly on the phone? How far away their offices are, will you find them easily and avoid battling through rush hour traffic.

They should be able to adapt to your schedule so you don’t interfere with your education or important sport coaching you can’t afford to miss. At the same time, your Keys 2 Drive training is a springboard to a safe driving career.

At Driverli, we’re always available to help you find a driving school with keys 2 Drive accredited instructors close to you, that meets your needs too.


In summary, if you are still hesitating about Keys 2 Drive, you shouldn’t. That’s because it has been proven to help you gain the right skills to self-learn how to become a safe driver.

Additionally, we highly recommend you use a driving school on top of Keys 2 Drive, as taking driving lessons with an experienced driving instructor adds real value. It provides you with practical experience that is often missing during the first years when a young driver may face a tricky situation on the road alone.

Shoot over to Driverli’s home page to find a Keys 2 Drive accredited driving school and instructor near where you live.

Find An Accredited Keys 2 Drive instructor Instructor Near You

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