How Do I Get (and Keep) My Provisional License P1?

A provisional driving licence allows you to drive a vehicle on New South Wales roads without supervision. 

In this article, we will discuss what you need and how to nail your driving test so you can get your P1 license through the  Keys 2 Drive free driving lessons in driving schools and some of the restrictions you will be facing as a P1 driver. 

But first, we need to help you get the license. Here are the requirements for a Provisional or P1 licence:

  • Celebrate your 17th birthday.
  • Have your learner license for a year.
  • Complete your learner license logbook with 120 hours.
  • Pass the hazard perception test.
  • Prove your identity, pass the eyesight test.
  • Pay the license and test fees.
  • Take and pass the driving test.

You should pass the driving test with ease if you have the advantage of a driving school and driving lessons beforehand. Although of course there’s nothing to stop you taking advice from a licensed driver instead. If you are looking for tips on how to be ready and pass on first attempt your driving test, check our article on the Top tips to pass the Driving Test.

Driving lessons by a Professional Instructor is the best strategy to nail your driving test

Remember, getting your P1 is the most expensive step in the process, meaning you take a step back if you fail. You could avoid the embarrassment of taking the test a second time under more intense scrutiny by instead, claiming the advantages of a professional driving school and driving lessons. It makes more sense to nail the test first time round by taking professional training. Consider reading up on our article with tips on how to nail your driving test.

If you haven’t taken advantage of it yet, you can get a free driving lesson with a professional driving instructor under the Keys 2 Drive program. It may be a good refresher before you present the RMS test, our article on Keys 2 Drive has all the information on the benefits and how to get a Keys 2 Drive lesson.

It is important to note that driving schools and their driving instructors are familiar with the RMS center where you will pass the test. As such, you could benefit by booking a few hours with a driving school in your area so they can make sure that:

  1. Your skills and attitude behind the wheel will meet the RMS inspector expectations. As we drive with our parents, we start picking up bad habits.
  2. You will test the potential route you will be evaluated during the driving test. It is a great way to build some confidence before the driving test day.

Your provisional driving license is good for 18 months and you can renew it if you haven’t got your P2 licence yet. However, you are not completely out the woods yet.

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You Are Still on Probation Until You Complete Your P2

It’s extremely important to comply with Roads and Maritime Service rules at this point in your driving career. That’s because if you don’t they can suspend your P1 license and that’s a pain. Therefore, at this stage:

  • You may not supervise a learner driver.
  • You may not drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
  • You can only drive cars with proper P plates (front and back).
  • You may not drive with any alcohol in your system.
  • You may tow a trailer with a P plate up to 250 kg unloaded.
  • You must obey speed limits and not go faster that 90 km/h.
  • You may not use any mobile phone unless the car is parked.
  • You may only drive an automatic car with a provisional P1 license.
  • However a clutch-less manual vehicle is okay if you tested with one.
  • You are responsible for ensuring everybody in the car has a seatbelt.

If you opted for a driving school and driving lessons before you obtained your learner license, then these things should be second nature to you. If you had, you should already know how to comply with the above while driving elsewhere, and even overseas.

What Can Happen If You Break These Rules?

The NSW government knows its traffic police can’t be everywhere, all the time. Therefore it comes down really hard if an officer spots a P1 driver breaking its rules. Whether you think this is fair or not, it’s a fact that:

  • Any speeding offence earns at least a 3 months suspension.
  • 4 demerit points suspend your P1 provisional license or invalidate it.
  • Exceeding the limit by over 30 km/h incurs more penalties / loss of license.

Do you think your standards are slipping since you got your learner licence? You could recover the situation by taking driving school and driving lessons training near you.

Passengers Matter While You Drive with a P1 License

The passengers in the car you drive rely on you for their safety.  The Roads and Maritime Service knows loud conversations can distract you because they were novice drivers once. Therefore, they have decided you may not have more than one passenger aged under 21 between the times of: 11 pm and 5 am.

Moreover, this is quite complicated but bear with us – You may not have more than one passenger at any time for 12 months after any of the above suspensions lifted. If you believe this is unfair you can request an exemption at a service centre by filling in a form and paying a fee, however, you must have sound reasoning or it will be denied.

And Finally, You May Not Be Able to Drive Your Own Car

The Roads and Maritime Service does not think it’s a good idea for inexperienced drivers to accelerate at high speed in pocket rockets. Therefore, you may not drive your favourite set of wheels on a P1 licence on NSW roads if

  • It has had a significant engine modification.
  • It is on their high performance vehicle list.
  • It has a PMR ratio over 130 kW per tonne.

You can apply for an exemption if your P1 license is older than 1 August 2014. You may also be able to do so, if driving the vehicle relates to your employment. If you plan to modify your car during your license period, it may be a good idea to check with the Roads and Maritime Service first.

So Many Rules … But Wait … Help Is At Hand

Getting a P1 provisional driver licence is complex, but it should go easier when you have Driverli to help you throughout the process and guide you. 

If you have been overseas for a while get a refresher driving license at a driving school so you know what you are up against nowadays. Here’s a handy link to transferring to a full P2 drivers licence when you are ready. Driverli knows the best registered driving instructors in your area if you are interested in passing first time round, book a refresher course today!

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